Payphone Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Maroon 5 Lyrics & Listen

Payphone Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Maroon 5 Lyrics & Listen.

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Would this dream come true everytime?

Look at this pict. Maybe among us must have felt this nice condition. But in fact, it would be in a several time that usually in work time.

At this time, even we do not use this commuter. Lol.

But it always be our dream whenever the commuter is getting crowded, and also can’t close its door sometimes.

But lets check these out.

There’s must be a solution. But the government actually didn’t care ’bout this ‘lil thing. So do not be surprised if the grade of accident in train, actually in local line, is always increase.



We have to move on from this ruin. As a knowledge people, young people, its our time to make a breakthrough, a movement, a tolerance, and open minded for everything. And also use the technology, so we deserved to compete the others country.

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Design of Greenhouse 3D

This post is kinda task of Technology Design from my Department. Lets check this out.


Picture 1. 3D design of Greenhouse

The picture above is the 3D design of Greenhouse overall. It will contain 1000 plants of tomato in a polybag. Its surface’s dimension of Greenhouse is (5095 x 2570) cm.

Picture 2. Design of Bendengan

This is a design of bendengan inside the Greenhouse, its like a furrow. There are 37 furrows and 28 plants in each furrows.

For design in CAD , can be downloaded in here.

This table below is the dimension of the Greenhouse overall.

Bagian Greenhouse



Lebar Greenhouse



Panjang Greenhouse



Tinggi Dasar bangunan



Tinggi Ruang Tanam



Tinggi Atap Segitiga



Tinggi atap Segitiga Atas



Tinggi Total Greenhouse



Lebar Pintu



Tinggi Pintu



Tinggi Tepian Atap



Lebar Atap Segitiga Atas



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It’s should be kinda new uniform to our college :p

If we check this out, we’ll think how crazy he is. Actually, he isn’t crazy. He just made an innovation in mode and style. Lol.

Or maybe he was trying to get some respects.

Give your opinion, ’bout what was he doing at that traffic.

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Chili’s Seed Planter Mechanic

Hope this tool could be a new innovation in ease a seeding process in chili’s plant cultivation.

Design of Chili’s Seed Planter Mechanic

hard design

  • Figure 1. Hard Design
  • Blue one is the cover of hopper which seed would be placed, and the red one is kinda push button to run out the mechanism of this tool.







overall dimension

  • Figure 2. Overall Dimension
  • Its kinda description of its dimension, so u could imagine that tool. The scale is on mm.









inside the tool

  • Figure 3. Inside the tool
  • Its a transmission system inside the tool. If we push the red button, it’ll activate the green gear which would rotate as clockwise, then the purple gear will rotate too follow the rotation of the green one. its rotation of each gear will be determined w/ its own number. in this case, green number of gear is 12 and the purple is 8.






dimension inside tool

  • Figure 4. Dimension inside the tool
  • Its the dimension of its tool, w/ scale on mm.








gear transmission



  • Figure 5. Gear transmission
  • Its looked from top, the circle in the purple gear is a hole of seed passing,




seed metering device

  • Figure 6. Seed metering device
  • This gear is above the hopper, the hole in that picture is a place where seed would be passed when is open. It’ll open when we push the red button below. Its mechanism is like a pen.





seed metering device

  • Figure 7. Seed metering device
  • It describe the dimension of the hole inside the gear. It has 2 hole. When we push the button once, the seed will be passed to the closed hole. If we push it again, the closed hole will rotate to the open one and seed will be drop out from its metering device.



In functional design, its divided to 3 processes : Loading (in) – Allotment (feed) – Distribution (out).

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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